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Macro Management & Public Policies

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Vol. 3 , Iss. 4 (December 2021)


  • Inside and Outside Perspectives on the Relation of People’s Personal Values and Their Acceptance of Legal Norms

    Ingwer Borg, Dieter Hermann

    Article ID: 4178
    187  (Abstract) 29  (Download)

    Based on a representative survey on crime prevention, this paper studies how personal values are related to persons’ acceptance of legal norms (LNA). We here take a closer look at these relations than previous research. Offenses, in particular, are classified into different offense types, and the persons’ ratings are studied both as observed and as...

  • Office Bullying in the Philippines and the Need for Public Policy

    Feliciana P. Jacoba, Rosemarie R. Casimiro, Olive Chester C. Antonio, Arneil G. Gabriel

    Article ID: 4265
    658  (Abstract) 285  (Download)
    There is an urgent need to solve the problem of workplace bullying in both private and government sectors. Bullying at work creates serious negative consequences to the victims and the organization affecting their productivity. The magnitude of the problem necessitates state intervention to correct market and government failures. This policy paper studies office bullying and...
  • Coastal Community Economic Empowerment Strategy in Merauke Regency

    Inez Cara Alexander Phoek

    Article ID: 4256
    139  (Abstract) 23  (Download)
    Community economic empowerment is an important approach to realize a balanced, developing and just economic structure, to realize a successful economic empowerment, community business capacity must become strong and independent, and in sync with community’s best potential and product, in this paper is coastal community. The purpose of this study is how the main strategies...
  • Does Digitalization Matter for Grievance Redress Mechanism? An Analysis of the E-Government Procurement in the Local Government

    Habibullah Mohammad Himel, Shuvra Chowdhury

    Article ID: 4269
    263  (Abstract) 28  (Download)

    Public procurement denotes the attainment of goods, works, or services required by governments through contracts. Public procurement is usually plagued with covert practices and exclusive forms of corruption in Bangladesh. The cost of development finance is much higher in public procurement than that of others in Bangladesh. There have been no unified rules or...

  • Autonomy and Coordinating Mechanisms of State-Society Boundary Organizations in Mainland China

    Wei Li

    Article ID: 4247
    132  (Abstract) 24  (Download)

    State-society boundary organizations face the challenge to maintain autonomy as well as flexibilities to respond to various goals and needs of state and non-state actors. Chinese state used to exert much control over intermediary NGOs (boundary organizations) and some have become bureaucratized. Recent reforms have sought to transform them to be more autonomous from the...