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Macro Management & Public Policies

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Vol. 1 , Iss. 1 (May 2019)


  • What is the Impact of Financial Shock on Reaching Happiness Frontier?

    E. C. Mamatzakis, Christos Staikouras

    Article ID: 533
    301  (Abstract) 34  (Download)

    This paper provides a framework to reveal happiness frontier based on British Household Panel Survey. Thereafter we focus on what is the impact of financial shock on reaching the frontier. By doing so we also explore the nexus between personality traits, such as extraversion, neuroticism, and openness, and the financial shock. We further reveal the...

  • Urban Transition Dynamics in the Regional Rescaling of the Pearl River Delta Area: a Qualitative Approach

    Yang Fu

    Article ID: 709
    270  (Abstract) 21  (Download)

    The Pearl River Delta region has been the hub of urban vibrancy and boom ever since the country’s opening up and devolution reforms. However, the political and economic institutions of the cities in this region are so different and complicated that they pose great challenges to the integration of the whole region. This study takes...

  • Confrontation and Integration: An Analyze the Mechanism of Rights Transformation in Urban Renewal from the Perspective of Space Theories

    Meng Chiu Chang, Chien Han

    Article ID: 737
    276  (Abstract) 68  (Download)

     As one of the subjects under city-related discussions, locality carries significance in the dimensions of both political and economic space. Western researches have brought about various arguments based on theories of human geography, particularly in the area of urbanization. Taiwan adopts urban renewal as an important approach of revitalizing cities. In view of space theories,...

  • The Issues of Zero Values in Trade Data and Modelling

    Fatima Olanike Kareem, Olayinka Idowu Kareem

    Article ID: 749
    683  (Abstract) 52  (Download)

    International trade provides a channel with which the interaction, integration and partnership of countries can be attained and/or established. Despite the relevance of trade to national, regional and global economies, the documentation of these economic activities is sometimes inadequate such that it brings to question the validity of the generated data. Empirical scholars often...