The Need for State Ideology in the State to Ensure Human Rights


  • Melnikov Victor Yurievich Rostov Institute (branchVGUYUA (RPA of theMinistry of Justice of Russia)Russian Federation



Human society is not a history of ideas, as such, of the activities or the vicissitudes of destinies, the so-called historical personalities acting according to the arbitrariness of their mind and heart. The history of society has its “earthly basis”. This is, first of all, the history of the development of people, their existence, traditions of the people, spirituality, moral values, economic development, rules of conduct, laws of the country in which you live, in short, the ideology of the state and how it is presented by the authorities through the media.  But in Russia, as stated in article 13 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, "No ideology can be established as a state or mandatory." The same Constitution recognizes “ideological diversity”.  Subsequent postulates of the same Constitution of the Russian Federation refute the foregoing.


Constitutional legal ideology of the state; Constitution; Ideological diversity; Foundations of constitutional system


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