Editorial on Emerging Trends in Polymeric Materials Research and Applications


  • Muhammad Imran Rashid University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore (KSK Campus), Pakistan




Polymeric materials especially nanocomposites (Graphene, MXene based) are widely used in food, electronics, biomedical, batteries, energy storage, fuel cells, wastewater treatment, and automotive. Nanocomposites are stronger, lighter, and stiffer and can improve properties such as mechanical strength, electrical conductivity, thermal stability, flame retardancy, surface appearance, optical clarity and chemical resistance. Current research is focusing on nanocomposites applications, CO2 capturing polymers, making polymers degradable especially developing bio composites and green compositeswhich are degradable, use of deep eutectic solvents for biomass pretreatment to manufacture bio composites or green composites and polymeric composites as drilling fluids and their use in developing ceramics and to construct sequence-controlled and complex topological structures through control of polymerization methodologies. 


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