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Non-Metallic Material Science

ISSN: 2661-3301 (Online)

Vol. 5 , Iss. 1 (April 2023)



  • Carbon fiber from Biomass sources: A Comprehensive Review

    Md. Touhidul Islam, Md. Shahin Howlader, Din Mohamad Shuvo, Md. Kamal Uddin

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    Global energy demand is rising, fossil fuel prices are rising, fossil fuel reserves are running out, and fossil fuel use contributes to the greenhouse effect. As a clean alternative source of energy to fossil fuels, biomass is becoming more and more essential. Carbon fiber (CF), often known as graphite fiber, is a thin, strong, and adaptable... More


  • Editorial on Emerging Trends in Polymeric Materials Research and Applications

    Muhammad Imran Rashid

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    Polymeric materials especially nanocomposites (Graphene, MXene based) are widely used in food, electronics, biomedical, batteries, energy storage, fuel cells, wastewater treatment, and automotive. Nanocomposites are stronger, lighter, and stiffer and can improve properties such as mechanical strength, electrical conductivity, thermal stability, flame retardancy, surface appearance, optical clarity and chemical resistance. Current research is focusing... More