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Non-Metallic Material Science

ISSN: 2661-3301 (Online)

Vol. 1 , Iss. 1 (April 2019)


  • Preparation of Graphene Materials and Their Applications in the Field of Electrochemistry

    Qing Liao, Tingting Song

    Article ID: 801
    281  (Abstract) 51  (Download)

    In the development of modern society, many new materials and technologies have been integrated into the development of various industries. As a new type of two-dimensional carbon nanomaterials, graphene has great advantages in physical and chemical properties and is widely used in various fields of development. Among them, the electrochemical method is one of the important ways to...

  • Fluid Mechanics and Heat-Transfer Operations Combination Involved in Urea Unit of Fertilizer Complex

    Muhammad Imran Rashid, Naveed Ramzan

    Article ID: 515
    225  (Abstract) 62  (Download)

    Fertilizer plants are most complex plants in the world (Rashid et al., 2013, Process Safety Progress) and its good opportunity to learn science from operations involved in these plants. Fluid mechanics and heat transfer operations combination involved in fertilizer complexes are explored in this article.

  • Optimization of Input Parameters of AWJM: Using Three Different Abrasives on MS2062

    Kusnurkar S. V, Jasbeer Singh Satwant Singh Sidhu

    Article ID: 892
    252  (Abstract) 57  (Download)

    The objective of this work is to optimize input parameters of AWJM (Abrasive Water Jet Machining) such as Nozzle Transverse Speed (NTS), Abrasive Flow Rate (AFR) and Stand-off Distance (SOD) using three different abrasives Garnet, Brown Fused Alumina and White Aluminum Oxide on MS2062 and to compare their performance with surface finish, MRR and kerf...


  • A Critical Review on Flocculants and Flocculation

    Srijita Bharti

    Article ID: 645
    668  (Abstract) 108  (Download)

    The article critically reviews the applications of biopolymers in the area of water treatment. A number of biopolymers were reported for their flocculation behavior for treating the wastewater and making it suitable for various industrial as well as agricultural purposes via chemical alteration onto its backbone. Wastewater treatment was followed by flocculation process using standard...

  • Highly-transparent Perovskite Thin Films Obtained by a Wet Chemical Processing Method

    Rouholah Ashiri

    Article ID: 610
    258  (Abstract) 52  (Download)

    Barium titanate thin films are widely used for making the multilayer capacitors. High transmittance barium titanate thin films are rarely reported in the literature. This work reports a new sol-gel routine for obtaining high transmittance BaTiO3 (BTO) thin films, then the optical responses of the products are evaluated. Experimental results show that the topography and morphology...