TEC Colling Shortwave Infrared 320×256 Focal Plane Detector


  • Jun Jiang Kunming Institute of Physics, Kunming, Yunnan, 650223, China




The short-wave HgCdTe thin film material was grown by liquid phase epitaxy on CdTe substrate, Adopt n on p injection bonding and function and flip-flop mixing process, With a low noise readout circuit, sealed with a high airtightness cellular-metal shell, Using a four-stage Thermo Electric Cooler (TEC),320×256 Short Wave Infrared Focal Plane Cooling Detecto r available to operate at near room temperature (210K). Its main photoelectric performance are signal-to-noise ratio greater than 400, nonuniformity equivalent to 4.69%,operability equivalent to 99.76%,frame rate equivalent to 115Hz,component weight less than 150grams.


Short wave, Mercury cadmium telluride, Shortwave focal plane detector, Thermo electric cooler; Infrared


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