Design of Multi-gas Monitoring Device for Indoor Air Quality


  • Serri Abdul Razzaq Saleh Department of Environment and Pollution Engineering, Technical Engineering College-Kirkuk, Northern Technical University, Kirkuk, 36001, Iraq
  • Huda Jamal Jumaah Department of Environment and Pollution Engineering, Technical Engineering College-Kirkuk, Northern Technical University, Kirkuk, 36001, Iraq
  • Zainab Ali Khalaf College of Electronic Engineering, Ninevah University, Mosul, 41002, Iraq
  • Sarah Jamal Jumaah Center of Disabled Rehabilitation, Iraqi Ministry of Health, Kirkuk, 36001, Iraq



Besides the need for low-cost instruments for air pollution measurement and detection, nowadays there are many concerns about air pollution due to the fast changes and used technologies. This research was applied using an MQ2 gas detector, and microcontroller/Arduino-Uno. The design steps included bonding and connecting readymade sensors, coding, and finally testing the device. Testing has been conducted in Environment and Pollution Engineering Department laboratories, at the Technical Engineering College of Kirkuk. This study proposed the use of an MQ2 sensor for multi-gas rate detection which can exist indoors. The system uses also a DHT22 sensor for measuring environment temperature and humidity. The sensors are connected to Arduino and LCD to present data on LCD by powering the system with external power. Overall, the testing was conducted, and the device served as a measuring tool for indoor air as an accurate multigas rate detector.


MQ2 sensor; Arduino Uno; Indoor air quality (IAQ); Multi gas; DHT22


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