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Journal of Geological Research

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Vol. 2 , Iss. 1 (January 2020)


  • Geomorphological Evolution and Palaeoenvironmental Change in the Western Alashan Plateau, China

    Bingqi Zhu

    Article ID: 1942
    799  (Abstract) 30  (Download)


    Although neotectonic activity is considered to be the main factor of the terrain evolution of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and its surrounding high-altitude areas, further geomorphological analysis and literature analysis areneeded for the understanding of the geomorphic evolution and the Quaternary environment change of the western area of the Alxa Plateau near the northern Tibet... More

  • The Application of Geophysical Techniques in Tracking Leachate Plumes Migration in a Typical Cemetery within the Sandy formation in Benin City, Nigeria

    Idehen Osabuohien, Alile Owens Monday, Airen O. John

    Article ID: 1970
    715  (Abstract) 45  (Download)


    The survey aim is to track leachate plumes within the sandy formation which is below the surface laterite layer. It investigates the presence and
    migration of leachate plumes in the sandy region in a typical cemetery
    (Third Cemetery), in Benin City, Nigeria. The research engaged Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES), 2-Dimensional computation of migration
    in both the vertical and... More

  • Analysing the Influencing Factors of a Postgenetic Subsidence Doline’s Development Using Model Experiments

    Szilárd Vetési-Foith

    Article ID: 1988
    751  (Abstract) 38  (Download)


    The subsidence dolines are the most common surface forms of the concealed karsts. One type of these dolines is the suffosion doline. In this model experiment the influential role of these kind of dolines’ development factors were analyzed. The aim of the study was to determine the significance of the parameters (cover thickness, secondary porosity... More

  • Properties of Natural Catastrophes

    Ospanova N. K.

    Article ID: 2004
    381  (Abstract) 29  (Download)


    A variety of phenomena of a catastrophic order and fear of their conse quences served as the reason that until now the properties of disasters remained incomprehensible. We found out the properties of natural catastrophes. It is shown that knowledge of these properties is of great importance, because it contributes to the formation of an... More