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Advances in Geological and Geotechnical Engineering Research

ISSN: 2810-9384 (Online)

Vol. 4 , Iss. 4 (October 2022)


  • Use of GIS to Estimate Recharge and Identification of Potential Groundwater Recharge Zones in the Karstic Aquifers, West of Iran

    Zeinab Najafi, Gholam Hossein Karami

    Article ID: 5122
    141  (Abstract) 27  (Download)


    Estimating and studying groundwater recharge is necessary and important for the management of water resources. The main aim of this work is to estimate the value of the annual recharge in some parts of the Kermanshah and Kurdistan province located in the west of Iran. There are many approaches available for estimation of the recharge,... More

  • Petrography and Geochemical Studies of Basement Rocks around Zango-Daji and Its Environs, North Central Nigeria

    Simon D. Christopher, Onimisi A. Jimoh, Onimisi A. Martins

    Article ID: 5033
    118  (Abstract) 27  (Download)


    The geology of the Zango-Daji area was investigated petrographically and geochemically to determine the study area’s rock types and mineralization potential. The study area is underlain by rocks of the basement complex characterized by hilly and undulating rocks, which include granitic gneiss, migmatite gneiss, biotite hornblende granite gneiss, and pegmatites. Observation from the field shows... More

  • Aeromagnetic Interpretation of Basement Structures and Geometry in Parts of the Middle Benue Trough, North Central, Nigeria

    Esho Oluwaseyi Olatubosun, Osisanya Olajuwon Wasiu, Ibitoye Taiwo Abel, Ajibade Femi Zephaniah, Tokunbo Sanmi Fagbemigun

    Article ID: 5128
    88  (Abstract) 24  (Download)


    The research of an analysis of aeromagnetic data collected in the middle Benue Trough in north-central Nigeria is presented. A detailed analysis of basement structures is conducted in order to identify regions with high hydrocarbon potential that is different from those discovered by earlier researchers. Aeromagnetic data were filtered by using the Butterworth and Gaussian... More

  • Assessment of Subsurface Competency Using Geotechnical Method of a Proposed Structure F.C.T Nigeria

    Osisanya O. Wasiu, Diyanuwa A. Buduwara, Korode A. Isaac, Ibitoye T. Abel, Ajibade F. Zephaniah

    Article ID: 5133
    82  (Abstract) 16  (Download)


    Structural failure has been recently happenings mostly in the commercially populated states along the coastal line in Nigeria. As a result, an open field at a chosen location in Abuja, Nigeria, was investigated. For the purpose of this study, test bores were drilled and Standard Penetration Tests (SPT) were conducted at every 1.5 m interval... More