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Journal of Geological Research

ISSN: 2630-4961 (Online)

Vol. 1 , Iss. 3 (October 2019)


  • The Genetic Mechanism of Inertinite in the Middle Jurassic Inertinite-Rich Coal Seams of the Southern Ordos Basin

    Dongdong Wang, Qiang Mao, Guoqi Dong, Shipeng Yang, Dawei Lv, Lusheng Yin

    Article ID: 1404
    245  (Abstract) 27  (Download)


    Inertinite is an important type of organic maceral in coal deposits, and also an important geological information carrier of coal forming environments. In the southern section of the Ordos Basin, the No. 4 inertinite-rich coal seam of the Middle Jurassic Yan’an Formation in the Binchang Coal field was selected as an example to study the... More

  • AIRRLS: An Augmented Iteratively Re-weighted and Refined Least Squares Algorithm for Inverse Modeling of Magnetometry Data

    Maysam Abedi

    Article ID: 1316
    274  (Abstract) 39  (Download)


    This work aims to examine the functionality of a new Augmented Iteratively Re-weighted and Refined Least Squares algorithm (AIRRLS) to generate a 3D model of magnetic susceptibility property from a potential field magnetometry survey. Whereby this algorithm ameliorates an lpnorm Tikhonov regularization cost function through replacing a set of weighted linear system of equations. It... More

  • Application of integrated formation evaluation and three-dimensional modeling in shale gas prospect identification

    Jin Gao, Zhe Cao, Guangdi Liu, Longmei Zhao, Lijun Du, Yuhua Kong

    Article ID: 1385
    283  (Abstract) 21  (Download)


    Identifying the shale gas prospect is crucial for gas extraction from such reservoirs. Junggar Basin (in Northwest China) is widely considered to have high potential as a shale gas resource, and the Jurassic, the most significant gas source strata, is considered as prospective for shale gas exploration and development. This study evaluated the Lower Jurassic... More

  • A Comparison of the Genetic Shaft Types of Some Karst Areas Based on Their Specific Shaft Lengths

    Márton Veress, András Hegedűs, Pavle Cikovac, Ruban Dmitry A., Kálmán Péntek

    Article ID: 1686
    217  (Abstract) 20  (Download)


    Shaft development can be documented on the basis of comparative studies of specific shaft lengths and shaft patterns. We calculated the specific length of shafts and the average specific shaft length of the shafts in some karst areas and we investigated the relation between the altitude of shaft floors and the specific shaft length. Taking the registered specific shaft lengths and... More