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Journal of Geological Research

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Vol. 1 , Iss. 1 (April 2019)



  • Delineation of Cavity in Downstream Surge Chamber at Punatsangchhu-II Hydroelectric Project, Bhutan

    B.N.V. Siva Prasad, A.P. Thapliyal, Rabi Bhusan, Sripad R. Naik

    Article ID: 392
    329  (Abstract) 45  (Download)

    Abstract: On 3rd March, 2016, there occurred a massive roof fall incidence in one of the major caverns of Punatsangchhu-II Hydroelectric Project (PHEP-II), Bhutan which halted the operations in the major caverns and required additional strengthening measures. Prior to concluding anything on the treatment measures for the muck flown into the cavern and the cavity formed... More

  • Association of Variations in the Dynamics of the Lithosphere with Sea Temperature

    Nabil H. Swedan

    Article ID: 458
    321  (Abstract) 46  (Download)


    Variations in the dynamics of the oceanic lithosphere are important at the societal and research levels because geological activities are associated with these variations. At any given section of the lithosphere, the time in which typical geophysical parameters vary is considerably smaller than section’s age. The lithosphere can, therefore, be assumed... More

  • The Distribution of Surface Karst Features in the Bakony Region (Transdanubian Mountains, Hungary)

    Márton VERESS, Szilárd VETÉSI-FOITH

    Article ID: 622
    441  (Abstract) 53  (Download)

    Abstract: The surface karst of the Bakony Region is described. VES measurements were applied to study the cover and the morphology of the bedrock. A karstmorphological mapping was also performed. A relation was established between the karst types and block types in the mountains. The karstification of the mountains was affected by the block structure... More

  • Study on Hydrological Engineering Geological Conditions and Anti-leakage Measures

    Yiqiang Yu

    Article ID: 683
    261  (Abstract) 50  (Download)


    With the continuous development of economy and society, people's ability to transform society has been improved. To break the constraints of hydrological and climatic conditions, some hydrology and water conservancy projects were constructed to meet the needs of human activities. In the construction of hydrological engineering, geological conditions are first surveyed to determine whether there are significant... More


  • Discussion on the Main Points of Construction Quality Control of Geological Hazard Management Engineering

    Jinhua Wang

    Article ID: 675
    329  (Abstract) 47  (Download)


    In recent years, geological disasters have occurred frequently in China, which not only have a serious impact on urban construction, but also directly threaten people's lives and property. In response to this situation, China must strengthen the control of the construction quality during process of geological disaster management to improve the construction quality. This paper mainly... More

  • Hydrogeological Hazards and Control Measures in Engineering Geological Exploration

    Pengna Zhou

    Article ID: 686
    313  (Abstract) 62  (Download)


    For engineering geological investigation, hydrographic surveys are particularly important. By operating the equipment, relevant technicians analyze hydrogeological data around the project. A series of corresponding measures were taken to ensure the smooth completion of the project. However, due to the inadequate completion of hydrogeological survey work, it has great harm to the later stage of engineering... More