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Advances in Geological and Geotechnical Engineering Research

ISSN: 2810-9384 (Online)

Vol. 4 , Iss. 2 (April 2022)


  • Investigation of Miocene Methane Hydrate Generation Potential in the Transylvanian Basin, Romania

    Unger, Z., LeClair, D., Györfi, I.

    Article ID: 4413
    369  (Abstract) 80  (Download)


    In geology we often revise theoretical models; upon finding new evidence,such as the discovery of methane hydrates, the initial model will be challenged immediately. Hereby the authors put forward two postulates:1) There is a third, previously unexplored source of methane in the Transylvanian Basin, based on a new theoretical approach on methane hydrate formation; 2) The dissociation of methane... More

  • Integrated Hydrogeochemical Analysis of Stream Water in Parts of Proterozoic Shillong Basin Meghalaya, India

    A. P. Dhurandhar

    Article ID: 4498
    701  (Abstract) 63  (Download)


    Hydrogeochemical surveys were conducted in parts of the Proterozoic Shillong basin in Meghalaya to locate the unconformity-related uranium deposits, related alteration patterns, and the influence of the rock formations on the groundwater solute chemistry. Shillong Basin comprises Proterozoic metasediments and felsic volcanics of Tyrsad Formation, undeformed arenaceous Barapani Formation with intrusive granites, and metabasic sills and dykes. The groundwater quality is determined... More

  • Assessment of Geotechnical Properties of Laki Limestone for Coarse Aggregate, Nooriabad, Jamshoro Sindh, Pakistan

    Sumaira Asif Khan, Adnan Khan

    Article ID: 4545
    296  (Abstract) 51  (Download)


    Present study is aimed at assessment of geotechnical properties of Laki limestone as coarse aggregate which is being quarried in Nooriabad area, Sindh, Pakistan. Coarse aggregate samples (n=20) of limestone were collected for the evaluation of physico-mechanical properties of the aggregate. Petrographic analysis revealed that the aggregate comprises of hard, compact, massive, crystalline and fossiliferous... More

  • Understanding Contributions of Divalent Cations in Mineral Carbonation Using Artificial Neural Network

    Abidoye, L.K., Oladipo, H.B.

    Article ID: 4465
    199  (Abstract) 31  (Download)


    The roles played by divalent cations (calcium, magnesium and iron) of rock minerals in the efficiency of mineral carbonation have been investigated. Statistical modeling with Artificial Neural Network (ANN) having configuration ANN[17-4-1] shows that carbonation efficiency largely increases as the quantity of calcium content increases. Averagely,there is approximately 5% rise in the original efficiency for... More

  • A Typical Sublithospheric Mantle beneath the Tello Region, SE-Ngaoundéré (Cameroon Line)

    Nguihdama Dagwai, Kamgang Pierre, Mbowou Gbambié Isaac Bertrand, Chazot Gilles, Ngounouno Ismaïla

    Article ID: 4580
    213  (Abstract) 31  (Download)


    Peridotite xenoliths, raised to the surface by alkaline basalts or kimberlites,provide us direct information on the processes and composition of the upper mantle. They are the major source of information on the state of stress,pressure and temperature in the deep mantle. They are thus a source of petrological and geochemical information that is generally not... More