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Journal of Geological Research

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Vol. 3 , Iss. 3 (July 2021)



  • The Horizontal Loop Electromagnetic (HLEM) Response of Ifewara Transcurrent Fault,Southwestern Nigeria: A Computational Results

    A. A. Adepelumi, O. B. Olayiwola, D. E. Falebita, O. Afolabi, B. O Soyinka, J. Obokoh

    Article ID: 3146
    288  (Abstract) 27  (Download)


    The need to accurately interpret geological models that approximate mineralized zones in a Basement Complex terrain necessitate the development of horizon loop electromagnetic method (HLEM) forward modeling solutions for such scenarios. The focus of the present work is on finding rapid forward modeling solutions for synthetic HLEM data as an aid in exploration for moderate to deep conductive mineral exploration... More

  • Geochemistry of Volcanic Rocks of Beka, North East of Ngaoundéré (Adamawa Plateau, Cameroon): Petrogenesis and Geodynamic Context

    Pauline Wokwenmendam Nguet, Benjamin Ntieche, Joseph Legrand Tchop, Bouba Christian Mana, Eddy Ferdinand Mbossi

    Article ID: 3325
    305  (Abstract) 33  (Download)


    Beka area is situated in the Adamaoua Plateau of Cameroon in central Arica. Lavas in this area has not been studied before the present work.The volcanism of Beka is characterized by basalt, trachyte and phonolite domes and flows. The petrographic study shows that basaltic lavas have porphyritic microlitic textures. The felsic lavas indicate trachytic textures.The rocks are composed of olivine, clinopyroxene,... More

  • Structural Exploration of Aeromagnetic Data over Part of Gwagwalada, Abuja for Potential Mineral Targets Using Derivatives Filters

    Priscillia Egbelehulu, Abu Mallam, Abel U. Osagie, Adewumi Taiwo

    Article ID: 3540
    135  (Abstract) 39  (Download)


    Aeromagnetic data are consistently used for economic interest targeting and geological mapping. Besides solving problems that are concerned with the basement, the method has become a useful tool in exploring minerals,hydrocarbons occurrence,groundwater investigations, and geothermal potentials. This study analyses aeromagnetic data from the Nigerian Geological Survey Agency acquired at 100 m terrain clearance over a... More