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Journal of Geological Research

ISSN: 2630-4961 (Online)

Vol. 1 , Iss. 2 (July 2019)


  • 3D Gravity Inversion with Correlation Image in Space Domain and Application to the Northern Sinai Peninsula

    Xu Zhang, Peng Yu, Jian Wang

    Article ID: 845
    346  (Abstract) 53  (Download)


    We present a 3D inversion method to recover density distribution from gravity data in space domain. Our method firstly employs 3D correlation image of the vertical gradient of gravity data as a starting model to generate a higher resolution image for inversion. The 3D density distribution is then obtained by inverting the correlation image of gravity data... More

  • Hydrocarbon Generation Potential Evaluation of Coal Shale Gas of Permo-Carboniferous in Jiyang Depression

    Pingping Li, Huiyong Wang, Shuanxiang Xu

    Article ID: 893
    331  (Abstract) 5  (Download)


    In order to study the hydrocarbon-generating potential of Carboniferous-Permian coal shale in Jiyang Depression, geochemistry, petroleum geology and coal geology were applied to study the residual strata distribution of Carboniferous-Permian in Jiyang Depression, organic matter abundance, organic matter types and organic matter maturity of mudstone. The results show that the thickness of the Carboniferous-Permian residual strata in Jiyang... More

  • Living Matter and the Laws of Thermodynamics for the Biosphere

    Nabil H. Swedan

    Article ID: 1007
    231  (Abstract) 28  (Download)


    The laws of thermodynamics have been developed for inert matter, and living matter has not been considered as a variable in these laws. Living matter possesses properties that have had major effects on biosphere evolution with time. The zeroth property is “Living matter is produced from living matter only.” The first property may be summarized... More

  • Analysis and Discussion on Subway Construction Accidents from Geological Perspective

    Yuanjian Lin, Jiangfeng Liu, Ronghao Lv, Chenyi Sun, Zhendong Fan

    Article ID: 1249
    303  (Abstract) 40  (Download)


    Several cave-in accidents often occur in subway construction, causing personnel and economic losses. This paper has carried on the statistics and analysis of some typical subway construction accidents in recent years. Taking the collapse accident of a subway station in Hangzhou as the engineering background, the causes of the collapse of the foundation pit were... More