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Journal of Geological Research

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Vol. 2 , Iss. 4 (October 2020)


  • Fluvial Geomorphology and Basin Development of Karra Khola Basin, Hetauda, Central Nepal

    Manju Subedi, Naresh Kazi Tamrakar

    Article ID: 2250
    991  (Abstract) 52  (Download)


    Geomorphological study of a basin is important for understanding the overall basin characteristics which are helpful for the management of water resources, construction along the river bank and natural hazard mitigation within the area. The study was carried out in the Karra Khola Basin, one of the prominent basins in the Eastern extreme of the... More

  • Geo-textile in Riverbank-Embankment Protection from Flood Flow Erosion

    Anand Verdhen, Shantjeev Kumar

    Article ID: 2297
    357  (Abstract) 17  (Download)


    Bank erosion of rivers, e.g. Bagmati, Burhi Gandak, Kosi and KamlaBalan, all originating in the Himalayan hills of Nepal and flowing through the alluvial plains of North Bihar, is a chronic and common phenomenon. Cutting and deposition result in shifting or meandering of the river endangering the embankment, road, bridge, barrage, and countryside. Anti-erosion and... More

  • Engineering Geological and Geotechnical Studies of Taprang Landslide, West-central Nepal: An Approach for Slope Stability Analysis

    Ashok Sigdel, Radha Krishna Adhikari

    Article ID: 2302
    286487  (Abstract) 64  (Download)


    Detailed investigation of Taprang landslide was carried out in order to understand the surface, subsurface lithological information and physical properties of soil by using multi-disciplinary methods such as engineering geological, geophysical and geotechnical studies for the determination of factor of safety for slope stability analysis. Geological study was carried out by detail mapping of surface... More

  • Utilization of Marble Dust for Improving The Geotechnic Characteristics Of Collapsible Soil

    Ashraf Nazir, Moustafa El Sawwaf, Wasiem Azzam, Mohamed Ata

    Article ID: 2352
    701  (Abstract) 30  (Download)


    An environment friendly and cost effective factor of collapsible soil stabilization with the help of industrial waste has been widely adopted in this research. Buildings which are constructed on collapsible soils are subjected to large deformations and shear failure. Collapsible soil can be broadly categorized as those soils susceptible to a large reduction in volume... More

  • New Data on the Genesis and Evolution of the Primitive Magmas of Mount Cameroon: Contribution of Melt Inclusions

    Legrand Joseph Tchop, Pauline Wokwenmendam Nguet, Benjamin Ntieche, Victor Metang, Jacques Dili Rake, Merlin Isidore Teitchou, Jacqueline Vander Auwera, Georges Emmanuel Ekodeck, Charles Nkoumbou

    Article ID: 2308
    662  (Abstract) 27  (Download)


    Mount Cameroon is a Plio-Quaternary volcanic massif, without a central crater, made up of more than 140 pyroclastic cones. It is one of the active volcanoes of the Cameroon Volcanic Line. Mount Cameroon melt inclusions are found in microdroplets trapped in the early minerals (olivines) from the pyroclastic products. The analysis of these melt inclusions allowed us to find primitive liquids... More

  • Petrographic and Mineralisation Potentials of Precambrian Pegmatities and Associated Rock Units of Olode Area, Southwestern Nigeria

    S. I. Okonkwo, S. O. Idakwo

    Article ID: 2312
    657  (Abstract) 6  (Download)


    The geology of the Olode area, south-western Nigeria was investigated petrographically and geochemically in order to elucidate the mineralisation potential of the rock units in the area. The area under study is generally change to underlained by granite gneiss, mica schist and pegmatites. Petrographical studies indicated prevalence of anhedral quartz (30 - 50%), plagioclase (14 -20%), orthoclase (12 - 15%), muscovite... More