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Advances in Geological and Geotechnical Engineering Research

ISSN: 2810-9384 (Online)

Vol. 5 , Iss. 1 (January 2023)


  • Petrogenesis and Rb-Sr Isotopic Characteristics of Paleo-Mesoproterozoic Mirgarani Granite Sonbhadra Uttar Pradesh India: Geodynamics Implication for Supercontinent Cycle

    A. P. Dhurandhar, Suresh Khirwal, D.V. L.N. Sastry

    Article ID: 5261
    221  (Abstract) 42  (Download)

    The Rb-Sr whole-rock isochron, age 1636 ± 66 Ma of Mirgarani granite, is the one of the oldest granite dated in the northwestern part of the Chhotanagpur Granite Gneiss Complex (CGGC). The initial Sr ratio is 0.715 ± 0.012 (MSWD = 0.11), showing an S-type affinity. The Mirgarani granite has intruded the migmatite complex of the Dudhi...

  • Geometrical Effect of Under-reamed Pile in Clay under Compression Load Numerical-Study

    Ahmed M. Nasr, Waseim R. Azzam, Ibrahim S. Harran

    Article ID: 5276
    46  (Abstract) 16  (Download)

    Recently, the use of deep foundations has increased as a result of the expansion in the construction of high-rise buildings, train tracks, and port berths. As a result of this expansion, it was necessary to use deep foundations that have low cost, high bearing loads, low settlement, and construction time, and such foundations are subjected to different...

  • Study on Epithermal Gold Mineralization System at Shwebontha Prospect, Monywa Copper-Gold Ore Field, Central Myanmar

    Toe Naing Oo, Agung Harijoko, Lucas Donny Setijadji

    Article ID: 5230
    60  (Abstract) 10  (Download)

    The Shwebontha prospect area is situated in the Central Volcanic Belt, central Myanmar, where the well-known Sagaing Fault serves as its eastern boundary. This study aims to document key the mineralogy, host rock geochemistry and ore mineralizing fluids. The mineralization, hosted by Upper Oligocene to Middle Miocene rhyolites, displays a strong lithological control. Mineralization is characterized by gold-bearing...

  • The Effect of Jet Grouting on Enhancing the Lateral Behavior of Piled Raft Foundation in Soft Clay (Numerical Investigation)

    Mostafa Elsawwaf, Wasiem Azzam, Nahla Elghrouby

    Article ID: 5347
    70  (Abstract) 11  (Download)

    Soft clay soils cannot usually support large lateral loads, so clay soils must be improved to increase lateral resistance. The jet grouting method is one of the methods used to improve weak soils. In this paper, a series of 3D finite element studies were conducted using Plaxis 3D software to investigate the lateral behavior of piled rafts...

  • Cambrian Explosion: A Complex Analysis of Facts

    Narima Kazhenovna Ospanova

    Article ID: 5292
    71  (Abstract) 22  (Download)

    Most researchers attribute the appearance of skeletons to some arbitrarily chosen factors. Many aspects of the phenomenon (the diversity of the composition of the remains, the mass nature of the phenomenon, geological immediacy, the role of geological and biotic factors, etc.) remain unexplained in this case. A comprehensive analysis of facts from different branches of science (lithology, tectonics,...