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Journal of Geological Research

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Vol. 3 , Iss. 1 (January 2021)


  • Factor Analysis of the Parameters of Samples of the Steppe Soil and Grass Of Mongolia and Inland Mongolia of China on the Eastern Transsect of the Eurasian Steppe

    Peter M. Mazurkin

    Article ID: 2520
    202  (Abstract) 24  (Download)


    Regularities of rank distributions and binary relations between nine parameters are given. The most active are the geographical coordinates of 48 test sites. This proves that the geomorphology of the steppes in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia is becoming decisive. Factor analysis showed that the first four places for influencing variables and dependent indicators are the same:in the first place is the... More

  • Hydrocarbon Play Assessment of “Oswil” Field,Onshore Niger Delta Region

    Osisanya W. O., Alile O. M., Eze S. U., Ibitoye T. A., Oyanameh O. E.

    Article ID: 2783
    227  (Abstract) 24  (Download)


    Hydrocarbon play assessment of any field involves the evaluation of the production capacity of hydrocarbon reservoir unit in the field. This involves detail study of the reservoir petrophysical properties and geological interpretation of structures suitable for hydrocarbon accumulation in the field as observed from seismic reflection images. This study details the assessment of hydrocarbon play in OSWIL field onshore in Niger Delta,... More

  • Geostatistical Modelling of Reservoir Quality Over “Bright” Field,Niger Delta

    Abe, S. J, Olowokere, M. T, Enikanselu, P. A

    Article ID: 2805
    216  (Abstract) 17  (Download)


    The quality of any hydrocarbon-bearing reservoir is vital for a successful exploitation work.. The reservoir quality is a function of its petrophysical parameters. Hence the need to model these properties geostatistically in order to determine the quality away from well locations.Composite logs for four wells and 3-D seismic data were used for the analysis. A reservoir named Sand X was mapped... More

  • Characterization of the Sulfide Deposits in the Southeastern Nigeria Using VLF Method: Insights from Numerical Modeling and Field Examples

    D. E. Falebita, O. Afolabi, B. O Soyinka, A. A. Adepelumi

    Article ID: 2809
    219  (Abstract) 25  (Download)


    A priori geologic and geophysical information has been used to construc conceptual VLF experiments on conductively and inductively coupled overburden geological models of the lead-zinc (Pb-Zn) mineralization zone found in southeastern Nigeria.This is based on the finite element approach to (1) simulate different geologic situations of overburden occurrence, (2) examine the roles played by overburden in modifying and masking VLF responses of a... More

  • Petrographic Study of Sedimentary Iron Ore in Shendi-Atbara Basin,River Nile State, Sudan

    Abubaker A. M. A. Abasher, Sadam H.M.A. Eltayib, El Sheikh M. Abdelrahman, Mohammed M.A. Amlas

    Article ID: 2814
    251  (Abstract) 28  (Download)


    This paper presents the results of petrographic study of sedimentary iron ore from surface strata of the Shendi-Atbara Basin, River Nile State, Sudan. The aims of this study are to investigate the geological behavior and geological conditions affecting precipitation of sedimentary iron ore. The methodologies have been used to realize the objectives of this study... More