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Research in Ecology

ISSN: 2661-3379 (Online)

Vol. 2 , Iss. 1 (March 2020)


  • Human Disturbance Reduces Plant Species Diversity and Stability of Phyllostachys pubescens Forests

    Ji Lei, Rong Chen, Renyi Gui, Jianshuang Gao

    Article ID: 1181
    375  (Abstract) 102  (Download)


    Plant species diversity is an important index reflecting the functional complexity and stability of ecosystems. Human activity can completely alter plant species diversity and cause serious degradation of ecosystems but its impact on bamboo forest still lacks of systematic evaluation. In this study, we performed a field investigation to reveal the influences of human disturbances... More

  • Nitrogen Release Characteristics of a Bag Controlled Release Fertilizer

    Yi Zhong, Renyi Gui, Zhuangzhuang Qian, Shunyao Zhuang

    Article ID: 1205
    297  (Abstract) 78  (Download)


    Slow release fertilizers are designed to enhance crop yield and minimizing the loss of nitrogen (N) to environment. However, N release in leaching and loss in ammonia emission from bag controlled release fertilizers have not been previously evaluated under the standardized conditions in soil. Accordingly, a laboratory study was conducted to evaluate the characteristics of... More

  • Biological Corridors as a Connectivity Tool in the Region of the Great American Chaco: Identification of Biodiversity Hotspots in the Ecoregions of the Paraguayan Chaco

    María Fátima Mereles, Gloria Céspedes, José Luís Cartes, Rosalía Goerzen, Juana De Egea-Elsam, Laura Rodríguez, Alberto Yanosky, Laura Villalba, Andrea Weiler, Pier Cacciali

    Article ID: 1324
    892  (Abstract) 139  (Download)


    This work presents the main biodiversity hotspots existing in the Paraguayan Chaco and is an update of the results obtained in the first Ecoregional Assessment of the Great American Chaco. These are the results of a series of workshops that included scientific and technical discussions carried out by local experts in zoology, botany, forestry, soil... More

  • Effect of Land Cultivation on Soil Nutrient Sedimentation in Water at Southern China

    Jianshuang Gao, Yuhe Zhang, Zhuangzhuang Qian, Shunyao Zhuang

    Article ID: 1227
    244  (Abstract) 84  (Download)


    Soil erosion associated with land cultivation exerts a great impact on ecological environment. Such an impact is specific of land, crop, tillage, management and so on. This study aimed to investigate the effects of crop cultivation on water quality by comparing nutrient distribution in the sediment at Southern China. Two sedimentation sites adjacent to the... More

  • Piscicidal Effects of Terminalia arjuna Leaf, Bark and Fruit Extract on a Fresh Water Predatory Catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis

    Suely Akter, Hossain M. Zabed, Munira Nasiruddin, Xianghui Qi

    Article ID: 1328
    369  (Abstract) 70  (Download)


    Piscicidal effects of several solvent extarcts (distilled water, 50% ethanol, absolute ethanol and 80% methanol) of Terminalia arjuna leaves, barks and fruits were studied against a common fresh water predatory fish, Heteropneustes fossilis under laboratory conditions in terms of Behavior and mortality of fishes after 24 h. Fishes exposed to plant extracts showed agitating movement with quick... More


  • Propagation Model of Invasive Species: Road Systems as Dispersion Facilitators

    L.J.R. Nunes, C.I.R. Meireles, Pinto Gomes C.J., Almeida Ribeiro N.M.C.

    Article ID: 1054
    326  (Abstract) 75  (Download)


    The globalization of the planet allowed plant species to emerge from their traditional habitats and spread to other territories. This dispersion, sometimes occasional, sometimes by the influence of man, reaches proportions today that, in some cases, affect the development of natural ecosystems and their sustainability. Thus, becomes imperative to know seeds dispersion occur, since... More