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Research in Ecology

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Vol. 2 , Iss. 2 (June 2020)


  • Insect Pests Control of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) by Using Plant Aqueous Extracts in Korhogo Area (Northern Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa)

    Mouhamadou Kone, Drissa Coulibaly, Yalamoussa Tuo, Marie Charlene Ginette Able

    Article ID: 1600
    336  (Abstract) 61  (Download)

    Abstract: In this study, we monitored for the impact of three aqueous extracts of plants (Azadirachta indica, Hyptis suaveolens and Solanum lycopersicum) on insect pests abundance in okra (Albermochus esculentus L.) crop, compared to a synthetic chemical « SAUVEUR 62 EC », having as active ingredients, acetamiprid 32g/l and Lambda-cyhalothrin 30g/l. Foliar applications by these extracts... More

  • The Effects of Ground Cover Mowing Height on the Fauna of Ground-dwelling Arthropods in Olive Grove

    Kristijan Franin, Nikolina Kapić, Šime Marcelić, Zoran Šikić

    Article ID: 1776
    321  (Abstract) 52  (Download)


    Ground dwelling insects, spiders, and other arthropods play an important role in agroecosystems as predators and saprophytic organisms. Their presence on the soil surface helps the biological control of pests, enhances organic matter decomposition and promotes biodiversity. Soil disturbance, particularly tilling and mowing has greatly affected the assemblage and abundance of epigeic arthropods. This study... More

  • Effects of canopy closure on photosynthetic characteristics of Ilex latifolia Thunb. in Phyllostachys pubescens forests

    Jianshuang Gao, Shunyao Zhuang, Zhuangzhuang Qian

    Article ID: 1366
    185  (Abstract) 45  (Download)


    Plantation under the forest is a good way of agroforestry, but the canopy closure has a great influence on understory herbs’ growth. In the study, different canopy closures of Phyllostachys pubescens forests were set up to explore its influence on the growth of Ilex latifolia Thunb. The photosynthetic characteristics of Ilex latifolia leaves under different... More

  • Urban Design Embracing the Wind Environment: Bezigrad Neighbourhood Case Study in Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Kristijan Lavtižar

    Article ID: 1739
    239  (Abstract) 50  (Download)


    Urban climate is considered one of the most important environmental criteria in urban planning, since it significantly affects the project and its placement in the space. Climate conditions are central to the study, with winds in the urban environment, their direction, intensity and changes taken into consideration designing the new interventions in space. The... More

  • Human Development from the Perspective of Ecology

    Guiying Zhao

    Article ID: 1812
    236  (Abstract) 100  (Download)


    The pursuit of the liberation of all mankind and the comprehensive development of human freedom is the theme of all marxist theories.Marx in the criticism of classical political economics "abstract", to the whole history of the definition of "general", found the abstract "general" of the people behind the objective existence and state of development, so... More