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Journal of Geographical Research

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Vol. 3 , Iss. 1 (January 2020): Special Issue


  • Discussion at Maximum Sediment Discharge Theory

    Levent Yilmaz

    Article ID: 1572
    233  (Abstract) 27  (Download)
    It is observed the gravel river sediment discharge with existing empiricalregime relationships. The aim of the research is to give a mathematicalmodel about the stable cross-section geometry and to determine a modelfor the stable slope of an alluvial channel which is in nature seldom stable.In an alluvial channel to reach an equilibrium condition, it changes...
  • Empirical Studies in Alluvial Streams

    Levent Yilmaz

    Article ID: 1668
    228  (Abstract) 35  (Download)
    Meander flow takes place in one single channel which oscillates more orless regularly with amplitudes that tend to increase with time. Meandersare found in beds of fine sediments with gentle slopes. In this study, effortwill be made to investigate meanders’ turbulent boundary layer and toimprove the present knowledge about the river meandering phenomena. Itis assumed...
  • Sediment Distribution of the River Boundary Layer

    Levent Yilmaz

    Article ID: 1844
    229  (Abstract) 29  (Download)
    The movement of particles on the river boundary layer is a complexphenomena which can be never solved by a deterministic approach. Theunsteady non uniform conditions in flow boundary layer show the result ofwater surface and bed stream changing with time and location of particles.To determine the movement of boundary layer particles other new theoriesabout stochastic...
  • Development of River Meander Model

    Levent Yilmaz

    Article ID: 1845
    405  (Abstract) 32  (Download)
    In the studies of open-channel flow with suspended sediments, used aconstant of Von Karman κ in a model for velocity profile. The augmentation parameters have been added by various researchers in more recentdevelopment of the boundary-layer theory of meander development. In thisresearch new parameters will be included because of the existence of theturbulent flow region...
  • Applications in New River-meander Model

    Levent Yilmaz

    Article ID: 1896
    217  (Abstract) 36  (Download)
    If the sediment transport behaves as bed-load, the sediment surface at meandering channel will deform into transverse waves.This investigation is a new model for prediction of river-meander models in nature.The aim of this research is to give a precise method whose bed forms can have a variety of scales ranging from ripples through small dunes...