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Journal of Geographical Research

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Vol. 5 , Iss. 3 (July 2022)


  • Spatial-temporal Evolution and Its Influencing Factors of Tourism Eco-efficiency in China

    Chengpeng Lu, Tianyang Ma, Zhiliang Liu

    Article ID: 4688
    479  (Abstract) 29  (Download)


    Eco-efficiency is an invaluable indicator for the measurement of the relationship between production activities and environmental depletion. This study measures the tourism eco-efficiency of 30 provinces in China from 2005 to 2020 based on the super-efficiency SBM model, and explores its spatial-temporal evolution characteristics using the kernel density function, standard deviation ellipse, and center of gravity model. Then, the influencing factors... More

  • An Analysis of Urban Vacant Land on the Macau Peninsula

    Ye Lin, Hanxi Li

    Article ID: 4595
    268  (Abstract) 19  (Download)


    With the development and construction of the city, the urban development of the Macau Peninsula has entered an era of stock development against the background of the limited scale of urban land. With the shortage of land resources, the problem of unused land on the Macau Peninsula is coming to the fore. This paper mainly... More

  • The Use of Airborne LiDAR in Assessing Coastal Erosion in the Southeastern USA

    David F. Richards IV, Adam M. Milewski, Brian Gregory

    Article ID: 4762
    459  (Abstract) 45  (Download)


    Changes in sea level along the coastal southeastern United States (U.S.) influence the dynamic coastal response. In particular, the Southeast Coastal Network (SECN) of the National Park Service (NPS) has exhibited evidence of fluctuations in sea level which caused coastal erosion. Airborne LiDAR acquired from NOAA for Fort Matanzas National Monument, Fort Pulaski National Monument,... More

  • Analysis of Chinese Citizens’ Perception and Its Differences of City Spirit: A Case Study of Hefei City

    Zhiguo Yao, Fei Liu, Min Xiang

    Article ID: 4788
    223  (Abstract) 17  (Download)


    City spirit is the soul of the city. The spread of city spirit not only could establish a civilized specimen for citizens, but also create a good cultural atmosphere for the city. Hefei residents’ perception of city spirit is extensive, and most of Hefei citizens consider the expression words of city spirit are very appropriate,... More

  • Comparative Assessment of Heavy Metals Pollution in Surface Water in Ikoli River and Epie Creek in Yenagoa Metropolis Using Geographical Information System

    Egai Ayibawari O., Edirin Akpofure, Digha Opaminola Nicholas

    Article ID: 4696
    222  (Abstract) 21  (Download)


    The article is the investigation of heavy metals pollution on surface water in Ikoli River and Epie creek in Yenagoa, metropolis, Bayelsa State. Pb, Cd, Ni, Cr, Fe, Zn was determined and evaluated using Geographical Information System. Zinc concentration was below the permissible limit of 3 mg/L in all the locations sampled. Iron is 77.78%... More