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Journal of Geographical Research

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Vol. 1 , Iss. 1 (October 2018)

  • Article

    Environmental and Socio- Economic Impact of Wastewater in Wadi- Qana Drainage Basin- Salfeet- Palestine

    Shawkat Naser, Marwan Ghaleb Ghanem

    Article ID: 162    DOI:
    500  (Abstract) 122  (Download)


    This study discussed the social- economic and environmental impacts of wastewater on Qana drainage basin. This study has been accomplished through carrying out biological and physio-chemical characterization for water samples from various springs in Qana valley in order to specify the quality of the springs’ water. Moreover, the socio-economic effects of wastewater on the population... More

  • Article

    New Investigations for Offshore and Onshore Structures

    Levent Yilmaz

    Article ID: 329    DOI:
    424  (Abstract) 68  (Download)


    In this research the investigated parameters are given as below: The History of offshore and onshore construction is given where onshore structures as storage tanks and breakwaters with Estacada are mentioned with hierarchical steps. To the offshore structures belong stationary fixed platforms (steel, concrete, combined, arctic) with floating (Jack-up, semi-submersibles,TLP,…) and pipe line construction. This issues are given... More

  • Review

    Urban Ruralities. A Geographical Perspective

    Angel Paniagua R.

    Article ID: 187    DOI:
    514  (Abstract) 92  (Download)


    Usually rural geography has associated the city and the countryside in a binary and unequal way. The city concentrates power and draws the domain in terms of material and representation. In this way urban ruralities have had a minor consideration and have been left in the shadow in the field of rural geography.... More

  • Review

    Aboriginal domestic tourism leadership towards reconciliation in Australia

    Damien Jacobsen

    Article ID: 399    DOI:
    567  (Abstract) 139  (Download)


    The worldmaking possibilities of domestic tourism provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia with the potential to take leadership over the challenging interpersonal encounters necessary to the process of reconciliation. This proposition is drawn from a philosophical hermeneutic view of domestic tourism hosts and guests as always already bound by complex histories they... More

  • Review

    The Influence of the Two-child Policy on Urbanization in China

    Kaiyong Wang, Hu Yu

    Article ID: 160    DOI:
    489  (Abstract) 91  (Download)

    Abstract: Family planning has been China’s basic national policy since 1980, but it changed from a one-child policy to a two-child policy at the end of 2015 as which will further stimulate the rapid growth of China’s population and have a profound impact on the population structure and land use in... More