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Journal of Architectural Environment & Structural Engineering Research

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Vol. 2 , Iss. 2 (April 2019)


  • Research on External Space Design of Green University Campus in Lingnan Area Based on Climate Suitability

    Wei Hu

    Article ID: 915
    320  (Abstract) 64  (Download)


    With the rapid development of society and the continuous improvement of living standards, ecological environment and energy problems are becoming increasingly prominent, and university campuses are also facing many environmental problems. However, the green concept was not considered in the initial design of many university campuses, which resulted in the inability to effectively solve the... More

  • Transformable Geometries of Architecture between the Years of 1950 and 2015

    Mª Dolores Álvarez Elipe

    Article ID: 510
    339  (Abstract) 72  (Download)


    During 50 and 60 years, architecture began to experiment new processes of adaptation defining new deployable typologies in the engineering and architecture that had not been experienced until that moment. Transformable forms were developed from the study of geometry. Since then it has been emerged studies of this type by researchers who have continued or... More

  • Seismic Response Modification Factorof Reinforced Concrete Frames Basedon Pushover Analysis

    Amira Elyamany Mohamed, Walid A Attia, Wael M. El-Degwy

    Article ID: 818
    736  (Abstract) 91  (Download)


    Response modification factor is an essential factor in seismic analysis to provide economic design of reinforced concrete structures. Base shear force is divided by the response modification factor to consider the ability of the structure to dissipate energy through plastic hinges. The current study investigates the effects of changing some parameters on response modification factor... More