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Journal of Architectural Environment & Structural Engineering Research

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Vol. 4 , Iss. 3 (July 2021)


  • Influence of Selected Curing Techniques on Compressive Strength of Concrete From Palm Kernel Shell Ash and Ordinary Portland Cement

    Oluwatosin Babatola

    Article ID: 3315
    391  (Abstract) 74  (Download)


    This paper discusses the findings of an experimental study on the effect of various curing procedures on the compressive strength of concrete produced by partially substituting portland cement with Palm Kernel Shell Ash (PKSA). Palm kernel shell ash was utilized in a 1:2:4 mix ratio as a partial substitute for ordinary Portland cement (OPC) at... More

  • Influence of Waterside Buildings’ Layout on Wind Environment and the Relation with Design Based on a Case Study of the She Kou Residential District

    Lei Yu, Yongyi Ye, Lu Zhang

    Article ID: 3309
    382  (Abstract) 82  (Download)


    It is important to improve residential thermal comfort in the high dense cities, in which wind environment is crucial. Waterside buildings take an advantage of micro-hydrological-climate in summer that should be used to enhance residential thermal comfort especially in the subtropical region. In order to propose design approaches according to the outdoor thermal comfort of... More

  • Irregularities and Roughness

    G. T. Michaltsos, T. Avraam

    Article ID: 3312
    362  (Abstract) 50  (Download)


    The periodically repeated pavement irregularities and their effect on the dynamic behavior of a bridge are the subject of this paper, as well as a new point of view of how the surface roughness operates on vehicles. The authors observed that the models used so far accept that the wheels are always in contact with... More

  • Building Pattern Technique of an Indigenous Community – Does Its Appearances a Distinctive Representation?

    Md. Mustafizur Rahman, Mohammad Tanvir Hasan, Shahidul Islam, Jiaul Hassan Mithun

    Article ID: 3385
    418  (Abstract) 86  (Download)


    Bangladesh is enriched with beautiful traditional indigenous cultures. Different indigenous peoples with their distinctive existences also considerably create an enhance values and lifestyles to the socio-cultural sectors of Bangladesh [1]. Habitually, these indigenous communities have been comparable to live a large combined family to shear their lifestyles [2]. Presently the country has 45 indigenous communities... More

  • Assessing the Impact of the Lead/Lag Times on the Project Duration Estimates in Highway Construction

    Mohamed Abdel Raheem, Jennifer Reyes, Xiaohui Wang, Grecia Silva Sanchez, Alyssa Marie Garza

    Article ID: 3383
    449  (Abstract) 59  (Download)


    The literature mentions multiple factors that can affect the accuracy of estimating the project duration in highway construction, such as weather, location, and soil conditions. However, there are other factors that have not been explored, yet they can have significant impact on the accuracy of the project time estimate. Recently, TxDOT raised a concern... More

Case Study

  • Battery Train Fire Risk on a Steel Warehouse Structure

    Jasmine Mira, Nicole Braxtan, Shen-En Chen, Tiefu Zhao, Lynn Harris, Dave Cook

    Article ID: 3327
    390  (Abstract) 84  (Download)


    Lithium ion battery fire hazard has been well-documented in a variety of applications. Recently, battery train technology has been introduced as a clean energy concept for railway. In the case of heavy locomotives such as trains, the massive collection of battery stacks required to meet energy demands may pose a significant hazard. The objective... More