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Journal of Architectural Environment & Structural Engineering Research

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Vol. 5 , Iss. 3 (July 2022)


  • Analysis and Assessment of Selected Iranian Contemporary Buildings by Well-Building Criteria

    Shahram Salimi Sotoudeh

    Article ID: 4871
    241  (Abstract) 47  (Download)

    Abstract: Aims: Pandemics have brought about new conditions to today’s life and designing well-buildings is now a priority. However, having a peek at the prior studies reveals that the most important issue in this area is the disharmony among the different elements of well-buildings. The main objective of this article is addressing the complexities of studying... More

  • Mechanical and Microstructural Analysis of Waste Ceramic Optimal Concrete Reinforced by Hybrid Fibers Materials: A Comprehensive Study

    Hadee Mohammed Najm, Shakeel Ahmad, Rehan Ahmad Khan

    Article ID: 4794
    246  (Abstract) 36  (Download)


    Combining different types of fibers inside a concrete mixture was revealed to improve the strength properties of cementitious matrices by monitoring crack initiation and propagation. The contribution of hybrid fibers needs to be thoroughly investigated, considering various parameters such as fibers type and content. The present study aims to carry out some mechanical... More

  • 3D Simulation of Battery Fire on a Large Steel Frame Structure due to Depleted Battery Piles

    Nicole Braxtan, Jorge Nunez, Shenen Chen, Tiefu Zhao, Lynn Harris, Dave Cook

    Article ID: 4985
    252  (Abstract) 22  (Download)


    Lithium ion batteries (LIB) can rupture and result in thermal runaway and battery fires. In the process of transporting lithium ion batteries using trains, the massive collection of batteries can cause train fire and pose significant danger to the public. This is especially critical when the fire occurs amid a heavily populated metropolitan environment. This... More

Retraction Notice

  • Retraction statement: A Comparative Study between Pseudo-static and Dynamic Analyses of Keddara Dam

    Manish Sharma

    Article ID: 4880
    185  (Abstract) 43  (Download)


    Retraction statement: This article has been retracted. The above authors were identified and corrected for alleged falsification of research, data fabrication and other misconduct.

    JAESER editorial team takes the issue of integrity seriously and does not allow any tampering with scientific articles. We apologize for any inconvenience this retraction may cause to JAESER readers.

    Refers to... More