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Journal of Architectural Environment & Structural Engineering Research

ISSN: 2630-5232 (Online)

Vol. 3 , Iss. 1 (January 2020)


  • Time-varying Reliability Analysis of Long-span Continuous Rigid Frame bridge under Cantilever Construction Stage based on the Monitored Strain Data

    Ying hua Li, Ke sheng Peng, Lu rong Cai, Jun yong He

    Article ID: 1779
    1576  (Abstract) 171  (Download)


    Abstract: In general, the material properties, loads, resistance of the prestressed concrete continuous rigid frame bridge in different construction stages are time-varying. So, it is essential to monitor the internal force state when the bridge is in construction. Among them, how to assess the safety is one of the challenges. As the continuous monitoring over a... More

  • Evaluating the use of Drones in the area of Transportation/Construction

    Kasim A Korkmaz, Shariq I. Mohammed

    Article ID: 1787
    799  (Abstract) 54  (Download)


    Drones are proving out as a valuable tool and growing quickly in the world of technological advances. The applications of these vehicles are spreading widely in the areas of remote sensing, real time monitoring, goods delivery, security, defense, surveillance, infrastructure inspection. Although, the intent behind creating this tool was remote sensing. Smart drones will be... More

  • Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Parking Spaces

    NIKHIL SAI YEKOLLU, Kasim A Korkmaz

    Article ID: 1834
    691  (Abstract) 56  (Download)


    The United States has an enormous supply of parking and with the appropriation of Autonomous vehicles, the interest for these spaces could change drastically. Parking is among the most pervasive land utilizes involving up to 31% of urban territory. With completely automated vehicles expected on the customer advertise by 2020, the $30 billion leaving industry... More


  • Quality problems and countermeasures in construction process

    Chao Xu, Guoping Chen, Honghui Hua

    Article ID: 1878
    776  (Abstract) 77  (Download)


    Quality is the life of architecture. Without quality there is nothing. Engineering projects have the characteristics of large investment and long construction period, so the quality of construction projects must be strictly controlled. The control of construction quality of engineering projects is the quality control of the whole process and the participation of all employees.It... More