Integrating Etic and Emic Approaches in Psychological Research


  • Inna Reddy Edara Graduate Institute of Educational Leadership and Development, Fu Jen Catholic University, New Taipei, Taiwan, China



Amid an ever-expanding embrace of globalization,there is also a growing emphasis on understanding humanpsychology in a specific local context. Moberg cautionedthat any attempts to ignore particularities while favoringglobalization or universalim in psychology might notonly be unrealistic but probably dangerous [1]. To conductrealistic psychology research, it is necessary to integrateboth etic and emic approaches. The etic approach refersto global and universal aspects, while the emic approachrefers to subjective and contextualized aspects of humanpsychological functioning [2].


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Edara, I. R. (2021). Integrating Etic and Emic Approaches in Psychological Research. Journal of Psychological Research, 3(4), 48–49.


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