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Journal of Psychological Research

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Vol. 1 , Iss. 3 (October 2019)


  • Creating Space for Children’s Voices: Utility of the Collage Life Story Elicitation Technique

    Gertina J. Van Schalkwyk, Anastasia Aldelina Lijadi

    Article ID: 592
    386  (Abstract) 121  (Download)


    A challenge for many School-Based Family Counseling (SBFC) practitioners, child psychotherapists and researchers are finding ways to give voice to children and eliciting trustworthy and detailed narratives that could serve as resource for understanding the needs of young clients in the context of all their interpersonal networks. Children are often reticent when asked to self-disclose and... More

  • Do Stress and Anxiety Impact Memory? An Exploratory Portuguese Study

    Laura Alho, Pedro F. S. Rodrigues, Cátia Fidalgo

    Article ID: 894
    472  (Abstract) 206  (Download)


    Eyewitness memory is widely studied in the forensic context, due to their proneness to make unreliable testimonies. Understanding which factors may impact memory is determinant to avoid wrongful convictions in court. In this exploratory study, the relation between stress and anxiety and memory errors (spontaneous and induced) was analyzed being hypothesized that negative emotions may impair... More

  • Differences on Information Commitments in Consumption Domain

    Hung-Ming Lin

    Article ID: 800
    210  (Abstract) 93  (Download)


    Information commitments are a profile of evaluative standards and information searching strategies on the Internet. The purpose of this study is to examine the reliability and validity of the information commitments instrument in consumption domain, and differences among scales underlying the instrument. A total of 258 university students participated in the survey who have experiences in online shopping. Using... More


  • Behavioral Operations Management: A Review of the Field

    Rosa Hendijani

    Article ID: 736
    845  (Abstract) 238  (Download)


    Behavioral operations management (BOM) is one of the new areas in operations management. In the past 12 years, the field has made huge progress and researchers have become interested in this new perspective to solving operational problems. BOM is now one of the major subfields of operations management. In this paper, we examine and categorize... More

  • Analysis of the Concept and the Drama Psychology of Immersive Theatre

    Xinyue Wang

    Article ID: 1162
    349  (Abstract) 203  (Download)


    Immersive theatre means put audience into the space where the story take place. Actors and actresses perform in the authentic environment and audience also in this environment, watching the peoceeding of the story closely. With the success of Sleep No More, more and more people pay attention to immersive theatre. Some Chinese theatre directors... More