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Journal of Psychological Research

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Vol. 4 , Iss. 3 (July 2022)


  • Complex PTSD and Forced Migration of Children and Adolescents from Latin America

    Fabiana Franco

    Article ID: 4730
    258  (Abstract) 64  (Download)


    In order to provide culturally competent care to children and adolescents that have been subject to forced migration, clinicians must first understand the unique trauma these individuals experienced. Victims of forced migration frequently experience trauma pre-displacement, typically resulting from the same factors that led to the forced migration. They then often experience trauma during the... More


  • The Influence of Parent-Child Relationship on Pupils’ Learning Motivation: The Mediating Role of Teacher-Student Relationship

    Yuzhu Ren, Shixiang Liu

    Article ID: 4828
    436  (Abstract) 78  (Download)


    Objective: The study is to analyze the influence of parent-child relationship on pupils’ learning motivation, and to explore the mediating mechanism of teacher-student relationship in parent-child relationship and learning motivation. Method: This study conducted a questionnaire survey on 213 pupils in Grades 5 and 6 in two schools in Beijing using Pianta’s teacher-student relationship scale... More

  • Illness Experiences among Chinese College Students: A Negotiation Process between Social Connections and Protection of Self-Image

    Sunny ZQ LI, Johnston HC WONG

    Article ID: 4756
    380  (Abstract) 46  (Download)


    This study explored the experience of illness in relation to self-image, biographical disruption, and the process of coping through semi-structured interviews with students of a university in China. Twelve students were recruited under three categories, having a physical chronic illness, mental health illness, and chronic multiple morbidities. Indepth interviews were conducted and content analyses were... More

  • Stress Resilience as a Tool to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Samachi Sharma

    Article ID: 4796
    401  (Abstract) 56  (Download)

    Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected the world in terms of their physical health but has also been a strain on our mental well-being. Individuals who have showcased the tendency to bounce back from this situation have been real survivors of this pandemic. With this background in mind, this research aimed to study the... More

  • Construction and Initial Structure of Sexual Dysfunctions Tendencies Measure

    Waqar Husain, Fatima Rooh-e- Zainab

    Article ID: 4798
    348  (Abstract) 40  (Download)


    Disclosure of sexual dysfunctions is difficult due to shame and social stigma. The instruments to measure sexual dysfunctions so far were quite backdated and lengthy. Moreover, there was no specific instrument available that could evaluate all the sexual dysfunctions on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’ criteria in a single scale; separate... More