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Journal of Psychological Research

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Vol. 5 , Iss. 1 (January 2023)



  • Do They Pose a Danger: Evaluation of the Recidivism Characteristics in China’s Community Corrections?

    Haoran Xu, Xiaomei Liu

    Article ID: 5340
    4  (Abstract) 13  (Download)

    The modern criminal justice system includes community corrections, which play a preventive role in lowering recidivism among offenders. However, some offenders continue to commit crimes during community corrections. This research focuses on community corrections in Chinese community policing practice, particularly offender recidivism. The study collected a total of 500 questionnaires from offenders in the provincial...

  • The Powerful Role of Mothers in Adolescent Purpose Development

    Lily Konowitz, Terese Lund, Shao Wei Chew Chia, Madeline Reed, Willow Wood, Belle Liang, David Blustein, Mike Barnett

    Article ID: 5236
    2612  (Abstract) 18  (Download)

    Adolescence is a critical time for the cultivation of life purpose, also known as a meaningful long-term aim focused on contribution to others. Youth with purpose, especially marginalized youth, report a number of positive outcomes. Relationships with caring adults appear to be particularly helpful in guiding young people on their path to purpose, but little...