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Journal of Psychological Research

ISSN: 2630-5143 (Online)

Vol. 2 , Iss. 4 (October 2020)


  • Effects of Color on the Buildup and Resolution of Proactive Interference in Working Memory

    Rong Liu, Weichun Du, Lixuan Feng, Chenyuan Zhao, Fengxia Su, Sixu Qiao

    Article ID: 2388
    263  (Abstract) 115  (Download)


    The “color superiority effect” was confirmed by the research of color on forgetting, which showed that proactive interference (PI) has less impact on colored items than gray ones. Color could directly affect the buildup of PI, leading to reduced levels of interference, or controlled processes that resolve PI. However, the effects of red and green... More

  • Diminished Health Returns of Own and Parental Education for Immigrants in the United States

    Shervin Assari, Adolfo Cuevas

    Article ID: 2419
    302  (Abstract) 81  (Download)


    Background: Educational attainment is a strong social determinant of health. Marginalization-related Diminished Returns (MDRs), however, refer to smaller health effects of socioeconomic status, particularly educational attainment for marginalized groups compared to mainstream populations. While multiple studies have documented MDRs of educational attainment for racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities, there are no previous studies on MDRs... More

  • Marital Stress and Married Working Women in Nigeria: the Role of Coping Strategies, Self-Concept and Educational Qualification

    Anthonia C. Nwatu

    Article ID: 2545
    315  (Abstract) 133  (Download)


    In this 21st century a lot of women are experiencing martial challenges due to the various and important roles they perform in the home and in the society, which may require some psychological remedies. The study investigated the influence of coping strategies, self-concept and educational level on marital stress among married working women. The... More


  • A Review for Existing Complementary and Alternative Medical Therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Xinyi Yin

    Article ID: 2236
    247  (Abstract) 104  (Download)


    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has always been a frustrating disability for families and no official effective medical interventions has been found to cure this disorder yet. With more attention from the general public both nationally and internationally, more and more families and therapists showed preference to implement complementary and alternative medical (CAM) therapies. This review... More

  • The Influence of Stigma on People with Mental Illness

    Minhang Li

    Article ID: 2395
    238  (Abstract) 129  (Download)


    People with mental illness have not only struggled with the psychological and physical symptoms of the disease but also suffered from social discrimination and prejudice. [1] This article expresses the negative impact of mental illness stigma on the stigmatized group through the study of previous literature. The purpose of this article is to improve... More