Implementation of Distributed Control System for Rice Mill Using C#


  • Hla Myo Tun Research Department of Yangon Technological University, Gyogone, Insein PO, 11011, Yangon, Myanmar



The paper presents the distributed control system for rice mill using C# language. The real-time manufacturing system can be implemented by utilizing the signal from the real time control units that is more operative than other old-fashioned control systems in the extent of modern industrial days. The software-based Distributed Control System (DCS) is novel fashionable than any other conventional control systems in the state-ofthe-art manufacturing developments. This research study emphasizes on the implementation of the DCS-based rice mill using visual The Industrial Ethernet (IE) is realized between the top level controller for the operator and the controlled station for the remote devices. The model of client-server approach is more appropriate for the automation and manufacturing research purposes. In this study, the computer graphical simulation of the complete control development is depicted in real-time status quo by visual C# language under Visual Studio 2008 software. The parallel ports in the computers of remote terminal level and the master terminal level controllers have been interconnected with port interface coding by visual C# program.


Distributed control system; Rice mill; C sharp; Real time simulation; Software development


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