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Journal of Computer Science Research

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Vol. 4 , Iss. 2 (April 2022)

  • Review

    A Review on Ranking of Z-numbers

    Fırat Bilgin, Musa Alci

    Article ID: 4499    DOI:
    693  (Abstract) 211  (Download)


    There are numerous studies about Z-numbers since its inception in 2011. Because Z-number concept reflects human ability to make rational decisions, Z-number based multi-criteria decision making problems are one of these studies. When the problem is translated from linguistic information into Z-number domain, the important question occurs that which Z-number should be selected. To... More

  • Article

    A Mathematical Theory of Big Data

    Zhaohao Sun

    Article ID: 4646    DOI:
    588  (Abstract) 182  (Download)


    This article presents a cardinality approach to big data, a fuzzy logicbased approach to big data, a similarity-based approach to big data, and a logical approach to the marketing strategy of social networking services. All these together constitute a mathematical theory of big data. This article also examines databases with infinite attributes. The research results... More

  • Article

    Animal Exercise: A New Evaluation Method

    Yu Qi, Chongyang Zhang, Hiroyuki Kameda

    Article ID: 4759    DOI:
    329  (Abstract) 95  (Download)


    At present, Animal Exercise courses rely too much on teachers' subjective ideas in teaching methods and test scores, and there is no set of standards as a benchmark for reference. As a result, students guided by different teachers have an uneven understanding of the Animal Exercise and cannot achieve the expected effect of the... More

  • Article

    Optimization of Secure Coding Practices in SDLC as Part of Cybersecurity Framework

    Kire Jakimoski, Zorica Stefanovska, Vekoslav Stefanovski

    Article ID: 4048    DOI:
    490  (Abstract) 221  (Download)

    Abstract: Cybersecurity is a global goal that is central to national security planning in many countries. One of the most active research fields is design of practices for the development of so-called highly secure software as a kind of protection and reduction of the risks from cyber threats. The use of a secure software product in... More