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Journal of Computer Science Research

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Vol. 3 , Iss. 4 (October 2021)


  • Emoji Essence: Detecting User Emotional Response on Visual Centre Field with Emoticons

    Fatima Isiaka, Zainab Adamu

    Article ID: 3577
    465  (Abstract) 89  (Download)


    User experience is understood in so many ways, like a one on one interaction (subjective views), online surveys and questionnaires. This is simply so get the user’s implicit response, this paper demonstrates the underlying user emotion on a particular interface such as the webpage visual content based on the context of familiarisation to convey... More

  • Quick Quantum Circuit Simulation

    Daniel Evans

    Article ID: 3567
    654  (Abstract) 91  (Download)


    Quick Quantum Circuit Simulation (QQCS) is a software system for computing the result of a quantum circuit using a notation that derives directly from the circuit, expressed in a single input line. Quantum circuits begin with an initial quantum state of one or more qubits, which are the quantum analog to classical bits. The initial... More

  • Comparative Analysis of Scheduling Algorithms Performance in a Long Term Evolution Network

    Bamidele Moses Kuboye

    Article ID: 3555
    503  (Abstract) 77  (Download)


    The advancement in cellular communications has enhanced the special attention given to the study of resource allocation schemes. This study is to enhance communications to attain efficiency and thereby offers fairness to all users in the face of congestion experienced anytime a new product is rolled out. The comparative analysis was done on the... More

  • Enhanced Information Systems Success Model for Patient Information Assurance

    Lilian Adhiambo Agunga, Joshua Agola, Paul Abuonji

    Article ID: 3734
    456  (Abstract) 68  (Download)

    Abstract: The current health information systems have many challenges such as lack of standard user interfaces, data security and privacy issues, inability to uniquely identify patients across multiple hospital information systems, probable misuse of patient data, high technological costs, resistance to technology deployments in hospital management, lack of data gathering, processing and analysis standardization. All these... More

  • Efficient Authentication Algorithm for Secure Remote Access in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Peter Sungu Nyakomitta, Vincent Omollo Nyangaresi, Solomon Odhiambo Ogara

    Article ID: 3661
    482  (Abstract) 60  (Download)


    Wireless sensor networks convey mission critical data that calls for adequate privacy and security protection. To accomplish this objective, numerous intrusion detection schemes based on machine learning approaches have been developed. In addition, authentication and key agreements techniques have been developed using techniques such as elliptic curve cryptography, bilinear pairing operations, biometrics, fuzzy verifier and... More


  • Natural Language Processing and Its Challenges on Omotic Language Group of Ethiopia

    Girma Yohannis Bade

    Article ID: 3614
    632  (Abstract) 80  (Download)


    This article reviews Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its challenge on Omotic language groups. All technological achievements are partially fuelled by the recent developments in NLP. NPL is one of component of an artificial intelligence (AI) and offers the facility to the companies that need to analyze their reliable business data. However, there are... More