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Journal of Computer Science Research

ISSN: 2630-5151 (Online)

Vol. 1 , Iss. 3 (October 2019)



  • Evaluating Word Similarity Measure of Embeddings Through Binary Classification

    A. Aziz Altowayan, Lixin Tao

    Article ID: 1268
    413  (Abstract) 84  (Download)


    We consider the following problem: given neural language models (embeddings) each of which is trained on an unknown data set, how can we determine which model would provide a better result when used for feature representation in a downstream task such as text classification or entity recognition? In this paper, we assess the word similarity... More

  • Discussion on Innovation of Seasoning under the Background of “Internet +”

    Kuangyu Xin

    Article ID: 1264
    463  (Abstract) 60  (Download)


    “Internet +” has become the mainstream trend of development in the new era, and the degree of integration with various industries is deepening. Under the background of “Internet +”, traditional condiment enterprises are also facing a series of new demands for reform. Based on this, this paper, based on the reality of “Internet +” background,... More


  • Performance Evaluation of Reactive Routing Protocols in MANETs in Association with TCP Newreno

    A Vanaja, Jeevan L J Pinto

    Article ID: 1441
    360  (Abstract) 70  (Download)


    We inspect the performance of TCP NewReno protocol for data transfer in Mobile Ad hoc networks (MANETs). Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) protocols and AdHoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) are standard reactive routing protocols widely used in MANETs. In addition we also have to consider Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) as essential for MANETs since it... More