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Journal of Computer Science Research

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Vol. 1 , Iss. 2 (July 2019)

  • Article

    Rectangular Body-centered Cuboid Packing Lattices and Their Possible Applications

    Xiqiang Zheng

    Article ID: 641    DOI:
    393  (Abstract) 74  (Download)


    We first introduce several sphere packing ways such as simple cubic packing (SC), face-centered cubic packing (FCC), body-centered cubic packing (BCC), and rectangular body-centered cuboid packing (recBCC), where the rectangular body-centered cuboid packing means the packing method based on a rectangular cuboid whose base is square and whose height is times the length of one... More

  • Article

    An Ontology-based Ranking Model in Search Engines

    Yu Hou, Lixin Tao

    Article ID: 972    DOI:
    639  (Abstract) 101  (Download)


    As the tsunami of data has emerged, search engines have become the most powerful tool for obtaining scattered information on the internet. The traditional search engines return the organized results by using ranking algorithm such as term frequency, link analysis (PageRank algorithm and HITS algorithm) etc. However, these algorithms must combine the keyword frequency to... More

  • Review

    Application and Development of Computer Artificial Intelligence Technology

    Yu Zhang

    Article ID: 1144    DOI:
    1432  (Abstract) 135  (Download)


    In the development of modern society, Internet technology has been popularized and applied. Artificial intelligence technology is not only found in science fiction movies, but has been widely used in industry, tertiary industry and people’s livelihood. Under the background of rapid advancement of science and technology, computer artificial intelligence technology will play an important role... More

  • Article

    ECO-Case Based Reasoning Tool for Environmental Product Design

    Marziah Abdul Wahab, Nurul Aini Othman, Awanis Romli

    Article ID: 1146    DOI:
    483  (Abstract) 104  (Download)


    Case Based Reasoning (CBR) is one of the artificial intelligent methodologies that is widely used in problem solving by reusing the most similar previous experiences stored in the library. A framework of ECO-CBR for Life Cycle Assessment data collection has been used and the process was carried out using SolidWorks program. The practicality of the... More

  • Article

    AgamottoEye: Recovering Request Flow for Cloud Systems via Log Analysis

    Jie Lu, Feng Li, Lian Li

    Article ID: 1239    DOI:
    395  (Abstract) 90  (Download)


    Cloud applications are implemented on top of different distributed systems to provide online service. A service request is decomposed into multiple sub-tasks, which are dispatched to different distributed systems components. For cloud providers, monitoring the execution of a service request is crucial to promptly find problems that may compromise cloud availability. In this paper, we... More