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Journal of Botanical Research

ISSN: 2630-5054 (Online)

Vol. 2 , Iss. 4 (October 2020)



  • Study on Artificial Seeds of Plants

    Shan Han, Minran Yang, Yanyi Chen

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    The establishment and development of artificial seed technology is to quickly reproduce excellent varieties or hybrids, which can be applied to hybrid generation seeds produced by the three-two line method. For some varieties that are difficult to propagate with seeds or plant species with unstable genetic traits and poor fertility, artificial seed technology can also... More

  • Summary of the Frontier Introduction of Preparation of Secondary Metabolites in Plant Cell Culture

    Qiaole Li, Tengfei He, Haoran Niu

    Article ID: 2244    DOI:

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    Plant cell culture technology is a technology that applies the research results of cell engineering to produce plant biological products at the cellular level. In recent years, the secondary metabolites of plants have attracted more and more attention. The use of plant cell culture technology is a fast and efficient method of producing secondary metabolites.

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